Professional Sociology Research Proposal Writing Example

A research proposal is a draft that is made up of what your original research work would contain. If you’re writing a research paper that should get approval from your supervisor, your proposal becomes equally important. This is because it would determine if your research work would be approved and given an affirmation for you to begin working. Hence, your proposal must be professional and perfect.

Different sociology research paper examples are available for different professional purposes. You may be looking to get examples on Ph.D., Master’s, or a workplace research proposal. While the sociology research proposal example in this article may not be detailed, it gives a general outline of how a professional sociology research proposal should be.

A Good Combination Sociology Research Proposal Example Would Feature:

  • The title of your research work
  • These are often known as sociology research paper topics and it is the base of your research. A good research proposal topic should aim to answer a relevant question. Some sociology research proposal topics include topics on religion, racism, sex, education, etc.

  • An Introduction
  • This is also known as the abstract of your work. It is a summary of what your research would entail. The abstract should not be too lengthy, rather you want your work to be concise and give out the right information.

  • Aims and objectives of your research
  • This is usually an outline of the primary goals that you hope to achieve by carrying out your research. You may need to be creative in this area because it gives your work purpose. Your supervisor would not approve a research work that will not achieve useful results.

  • Literature review and research methodology
  • Sociological research proposal topics need to be decided based on the availability of materials for your research. Your research methodology may include field works, the use of books, or the internet. Either way, it is important that you briefly state how you wish to carry out your research. For books, you should give a brief review of what the books contain and how they will help you in your research work. If your research would require that you use specific resources or get some extra fundings, you might have to state it in your proposal.

  • References
  • Your research proposal would require references to back up the information that you give. This is similar to endnotes or footnotes contained in your original research paper. The more your references, the more your work is considered factual and valid.

  • Conclusion
  • The concluding notes of your proposal are a summary of everything that your research must achieve. You must be optimistic and write your conclusion like you have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

A Sociology Research Proposal Example


The internet as a unifying factor: The Role of the Internet in the “Black Lives Matter” Campaign of 2020.


This research project aims to address the role that the internet plays as a platform for unity. The specific area of study is the global unrest fuelled by the black lives matter campaign of 2020. In May 2020, a singular event that occurred in the United States of America, speedily metamorphosed into a significant event in world history. Nations across the globe formed a united front against police brutality and racism in general. This topic is of great fascination as the protests were organized even amid lockdowns and restrictions from the outbreak of the COVID-19.

Some of the characteristics of these protests are; their method of assembly, and universal symbols and phrases irrespective of language barriers. The black lives matter also piqued the interest of celebrities who joined in the cry for justice. This was evident several times when celebrities joined in kneeling or laying on the ground, as well as taking to their large platform to express their support.

For days, the angry crowd gathered in front of strategic places, seeking justice for the death of George Floyd. This research project will examine how the internet helped the spread of the campaign across continents, even amid a restriction of movements. It will also examine the outcome of the protest, to see if it yielded the results that the people clamored for.

Research Description and Goals

The internet performs many roles today and its importance cannot be undermined. Many people would argue that the internet has been a curse as much as it has been a blessing from the time of its emergence. This research topic is highly sensitive because it expands beyond internet activities. It also covers different fields that have contributed to the outcome of the 2020 black lives matter campaign. Some of these fields include racism and police brutality at their peak.

This research work is unique because it touches important aspects of human behavior, and helps determine if the unifying factor of the internet is indeed a blessing or a curse. For this research, I will be examining:

  • Past scenarios where the internet have been a yardstick to appeal for important issues
  • Past protests in comparison to the 2020 black lives matter protests
  • Past black lives matter protests in comparison to the 2020 black lives matter protest

The black lives matter campaign of 2020 appears to have been the outburst of years’ worth of frustration bottled up on the inside. The primary goals of this research are:

  • To describe and analyze one of the many effects of the internet in our everyday lives, using a highly significant event in world history
  • To examine how people took to virtual protests to express their discomfort on the issue.
  • To discuss how certain symbols and converging points were unanimously agreed
  • To outline the different ways that the internet has been used as a force to achieve set goals.
  • To weigh the power of the internet and foretell the height of its power

Research Methodology

The broadness of this topic is such that it touches the internet, social movements, as well as the fight against racism. Many of the facts are contained on the internet. However, the following methods will be applied:

  • Oral interviews
  • Oral interviews will be conducted both physically and virtually with participants of the movement. Although there are fewer available books on the subject matter, physical interviews with key activists in strategic points of convergence will be carried out. The virtual protestors will also be interviewed, and their views on how they were involved through the internet will be used in this research project.

  • Questionnaires
  • Online and physical questionnaires will be given out to persons concerning the topic. Data gathered will be compiled to aid the research work.

  • Internet research
  • The data analysis of the internet within the time frame of the protest will be a primary source of research.

  • Extra fundings
  • Extra fundings will be needed to access the data analysis of the internet within the course of the research.

  • References
  • (accessed on October 10) ( accessed on October 10)


At the end of this research project, information gathered would portray how the internet has proven to break barriers and facilitate unity. Also, there will be facts as to how the internet aided the speedy popularity of the 2020 black lives matter. We should also be able to analyze the different ways that the internet can be explored for the benefit of man to produce wanted results.

Your Professional Research Proposal

Finally, you now know that the research proposal is extremely important. However, a good professional research proposal is more important. Hence, you should carefully construct yours with the guidelines listed above to get the best research proposal for you.

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