99+ Social Science Research Topics for College Students

One of the primary character traits of being a college student is the tradition of having to write research papers or essays for assignments and projects. More often than not, the grades of students are involved when it comes to research works for college students. Hence, it becomes important to pick out the best sociology project ideas for college. However, it isn’t an unusual practice for students to delay their projects until it is almost due before they commence. This practice is often a result of indecisiveness on which social science topics they should work on.

There are many social science research topics for college students and they cannot possibly be exhausted. Students can take advantage of their environment to pick out the best sociology projects for college without having to go through so much trouble. Despite these benefits, many researchers still find trouble deciding what social research topics for college students to work on. This article covers a wide range of sociological research topics for college students from various fields.

Some Sociology Project Ideas for College Students


  1. The reading culture of students; preparing for examination and tests
  2. Dealing with difficult lecturers and how to get the most from their course subject
  3. Why grade inflation is gradually becoming a norm in colleges
  4. A study into different ways that students pay their tuition fees
  5. How students can help other students with learning disabilities survive college
  6. What are the strategies put in place by the government to implement the “no child left behind” ideology?
  7. Examination and tests; their effectiveness as the true tests of knowledge for students
  8. Is sex education getting the due attention in schools today?
  9. Homeschooling; different reasons why the practice still thrives
  10. The attitude of students towards learning and making researches
  11. Teacher-student classroom relationship; the benefits to students within and outside the school environment
  12. Should IQ tests be compulsorily carried out on students before admission into schools?
  13. Should extracurricular activities and sports be given equal importance as academics in schools?

Crimes, Law, and Law Enforcement

  1. What are the best ways to protect the lives and properties of students on campus without infringing on their rights?
  2. The importance of enacting stricter rules and extremely severe punishments for sexual harassment
  3. Should all college students be considered legal enough to participate in all activities?
  4. Secret societies; the dangers and benefits of being a member of a secret cult
  5. Cybercrime; the best way to curb the widespread practice
  6. Why do people fall victims to rape; sensitizing people on the ways to avoid falling victims
  7. The crime spree in college parties outside and inside college grounds; why these activities are given less importance
  8. Uncovering the rights of citizens that people are ignorant about
  9. How best can violence outbreaks on campuses be quelled?
  10. Should it be considered illegal for students to have guns and dangerous weapons on campus grounds?
  11. Crimes committed on school grounds; should students be trialed on campus or outside the campus
  12. Crimes committed on school grounds; should students be sentenced to prison over certain crimes?
  13. How bad is student-student bullying in college, and what are its effects on the victims?
  14. The rapidly growing culture of cybercrimes among students

Business and Work

  1. Different ways that students work and learn, and why the practice have survived the test of time
  2. Online business; its features, benefits, risks, and disadvantages
  3. What are the basic work etiquettes that every working person should know and practice?
  4. Do part-time students carry out as many jobs as full-time students?
  5. The implications of working a 9-5 job
  6. Why people would rather own their business than work under other people

Drug Usage and Abuse

  1. The immediate and after-effects of ingesting hard drugs; why people continue in the practice despite the side effects
  2. Drug abuse; a response to peer pressure
  3. Responsible drinking; should the legal age for alcohol consumption be given more consideration?
  4. The implications of taking drugs without the doctor’s prescription
  5. The use of hard drugs; the common practice of using hard drugs among students
  6. Should marijuana consumption be overlooked in colleges?
  7. The thrill of joyriding; the dangers and possible outcome of drunk driving
  8. Some popular drugs among college students; types, usage, and effects

Climate Change, Environment

  1. The role humans play in encouraging environmental pollution; educating people on its dangers to health
  2. The importance of applying sunscreen during summer
  3. Natural disasters; how the government responds to the aftereffect of earthquakes
  4. The right waste disposal culture
  5. The benefits of planting trees
  6. Volcano eruptions; why people endanger their lives by residing in areas that have volcanos
  7. The recycle culture of college students; how to encourage recycling of products to avoid wastage and pollution

Health, Lifestyle and the Society

  1. Legalizing abortions; did the legality of abortions increase the rate of unprotected sex?
  2. Gender inequality in school politics
  3. What are the benefits of relaxation and recreational activities?
  4. The health risks of obesity for people under 25 years old.
  5. Why gambling is one of the sports with higher participation rates.
  6. Why do people intentionally reduce food consumption
  7. The practice of female genital mutilation, and its consequences
  8. The misconceptions people have regarding those living with HIV and AIDS in the society
  9. Family; starting and building a family as a college student
  10. The leading reasons why people drop out of school; what influences these decisions
  11. Addressing some controversy about the gay community
  12. Many ways that the bullying attitude of high school intensifies in college
  13. Why high school girls would rather date guys in colleges
  14. Interracial marriages; a tool for bridging the gap between races.
  15. Analyzing the levels of poverty, and how people strive to make ends meet
  16. Roommates in college; finding the right roommates, and cohabiting peacefully with strangers.
  17. Ensuring the rights of sex workers are respected
  18. Debunking some misconceptions about menopause

Family and Relationship

  1. How abusive marriages affect the future adult life of children
  2. The responsibility of parenting; the differences between responsible and irresponsible parenting
  3. Coping mechanism for children whose parents have separated
  4. Why people would rather remain in a violent relationship
  5. The warning signs that your relationship is toxic
  6. Self-esteem; the role of self-esteem in human relationship
  7. Teen pregnancy; the increasing occurrence of teenage pregnancy and child marriage
  8. Child support culture
  9. Why distance relationships fail to thrive

Technology, Media and Internet

  1. The internet as a primary tool to help college students
  2. Is the internet soon to overtake classroom learning?
  3. How the internet facilitates the spread of rumors
  4. The rationale behind acquiring multiple cars
  5. The evolution and future of technology
  6. The environmental effect of technology; managing pollution
  7. The future of the internet
  8. Identifying some of the ways that the internet have been a unifying platform
  9. The most popular social media platforms among college students

International Relationship, Nationalism, and World Peace

  1. The future of world peace; mutual acquired arms
  2. Why illegal migration remains a curse, and how to manage the act
  3. The sizzling tension between the power bloc of the world
  4. Encouraging good international relationships between countries with a history of warfare
  5. Examining the rationale behind barring countries from access into certain territory
  6. The birth of modern terrorism
  7. The role of sports in promoting peaceful mutual international relationship
  8. Many times that the world peace order has been threatened
  9. The relationship between nationalism and terrorism


  1. How the COVID-19 has affected education
  2. A study of weight gain during the lockdown
  3. The economic benefits of the pandemic
  4. How the pandemic influenced improved internet activities
  5. The increase in childbirth during the lockdown
  6. Pandemic pets; the hike in pet adoption during the COVID-19 lockdown
  7. Examining the ways that people endangered their lives during the pandemic


The categories of sociology topics for college students are inexhaustible. If you’ve run out of ideas or simply do not know where to start from, pick out a topic or two from the different areas listed above and get started.

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