150+ Interesting Sociology Research Topics

Sociological research topics are one of the most interesting kinds of research that you can do. This is because topics of sociology are not only enlightening, but they also treat important aspects of life. Many people carry out sociology science research for different reasons. You may write sociology topics for essays, or other kinds of research papers. For whatever reason that you choose to carry out your research, there are a variety of topics that you can choose from. Finding the most interesting sociology topics should not pose a serious challenge for you.

Features of a good sociological research topic

Sociology topics dive into fields of human lives that may appear simple. For instance, writing a sociological research paper on eating, disparities between human races, politics, or cultural behaviors.

Carrying out research on topics in sociology means that you are adopting scientific means to provide whatever reports that your paper would contain. Hence, good sociological topics for research papers should be; Interactive, informative, current, based on facts, unbiased, and relevant.

The importance of good sociology research topics should not be undermined. This is because it determines what your research would entail, and the results that your research would produce.

Sociology Research Paper Topics on Culture and Lifestyle

  1. The general effects of art in everyday life
  2. The rising significance of prostitution
  3. Should babies be circumcised or get piercings even with their inability to give consent?
  4. The role and importance of music in human culture
  5. The significance of different dress culture
  6. Addressing the controversy of the LGBTQ community
  7. The rising awareness of women prowess in the society
  8. Feminism and its effect on the changing society
  9. Does traveling affect one’s life positively or negatively?
  10. What secret societies entail
  11. Should there be a universal ideal marriage culture
  12. The abuse of over-the-counter drugs and its effect on health
  13. The role that humans play in global warming
  14. African culture and beliefsSociology topics on Rape, Crimes, and Abuse
  15. Ways that people get abused emotionally and physically without knowing
  16. Addressing abuse from lecturer/ teacher to student in institutions of learning
  17. Ways that you abuse people emotionally and physically without knowing
  18. The growing culture of blackmail through sex
  19. The still occurring practice of kids marriage in different communities
  20. Empowering women for self-defense
  21. Helping rape victims overcome trauma
  22. Why do abusers do what they do?
  23. Should the punishment for rapists and abusers be more severe?
  24. The implications of the death sentence on criminals
  25. Looking into Innocent people that have served jail terms for crimes they did not commit.
  26. Employee – employer bully
  27. The importance of educating the male gender against rape
  28. Factors responsible for rape
  29. Drugs abuse and its effect on the society

Sociological Research Paper Topic on the Global Pandemic

  1. Adapting to the changing times of the pandemic
  2. Analyzing life before and after the pandemic
  3. The blessings that are hidden underneath the disaster of the coronavirus
  4. Debunking the myths and controversy surrounding vaccination against the deadly virus
  5. How can the world better prepare for unforeseen disruptions from similar cases of COVID-19
  6. Did countries of the world handle the effects of the virus in the best ways possible?
  7. The effects of the COVID-19 vaccine

Social Science Research Topics on Ethnicity and Nationalism

  1. How racism affects global development
  2. The way forward for cohabitation between different peoples
  3. The fast-rising trend of banditry and terrorism
  4. The role of ethnicity and religion in global unrest
  5. Countries with the highest rankings of racism and gender inequality
  6. The similarities between ethnicity and racism
  7. What are the disparities between modern nationalism and the traditional nationalism
  8. The unifying characteristics of language
  9. Acts that should be considered patriotic
  10. Your obligations to the state

Sociology Essay Topics on Social Media and the Internet

  1. The social media community and its role as a unifying factor
  2. How the social media aided the “black lives matter” campaign
  3. Should there be a restriction on access to the internet?
  4. The blessing and curse of the social media
  5. The effects of cyberbullying
  6. The right of social media founders to restrict activities on the internet
  7. Many ways that social media served as a platform for relaying extremely important information
  8. Online dating; positive/ negative effects, as well as realities for couples
  9. The life of social media influencers and their roles in instigating a change
  10. How does public opinion affect state politics
  11. Character representation in kids cartoons
  12. Mass media harassment

Social Scientific Research Topics on Youth, Politics, and Sexuality

  1. The subject of open sexuality in youths today
  2. Why do more youths fail to participate in politics
  3. Should explicit sexual contents remain censored even with how much exposure teens already have?
  4. What age bracket should be classified as youths?
  5. How does social media affect the behavior of youths and teens?
  6. Managing the life-threatening situation in the game of politics
  7. Why corruption lurks in politics
  8. The role of youths in elections
  9. Maintaining the voting rights of people
  10. Including politics into the school curriculum
  11. The right way to go about sexual education
  12. The fear of coming out as gay to family and loved ones
  13. Does sex play a role in a failing relationship?
  14. Addressing the issue of virginity in ladies
  15. The peer pressure of getting tattoos among teens

Social Research Topics on Education

  1. The bully culture in schools and why it still thrives
  2. Why do public schools Witness more indiscipline?
  3. The right to education; the heavy demands in private schools
  4. Should religion be inculcated into the basic school curriculum?
  5. Helping kids deal with trauma from being bullied
  6. Should every kid be assigned a teacher to monitor them?
  7. How feasible will it be for students to decide which teachers they’d like to tutor them?
  8. Are teachers underpaid for the services that they render?
  9. How effective is the tactic of examinations and tests in helping students?
  10. Should extracurricular activities be given more attention in schools?
  11. Is detention an effective tool for punishing offenders in schools?
  12. Handling social class discrimination in schools
  13. Do students who are homeschooled get the same values as those schooled in a classroom?
  14. The importance of making students wear uniforms
  15. Education values

Sociology Topics for Essay on Family

  1. The behavior and attitude of children in broken homes; how to help them overcome the trauma
  2. The importance of DNA; should it be made compulsory when a child is born?
  3. The responsibility of single parenting
  4. Should women pay child support if the man has custody of their child?
  5. Marriages; placing a legal age for people to get married
  6. Who should propose marriage in a relationship; the man or the woman?
  7. Should having children outside wedlock be considered illegal?
  8. How gender equality affects relationships
  9. Should there be restrictions on the number of kids a married couple can have?
  10. The issue of bad parenting and the best way to handle its effect
  11. Is love always the determining factor in relationships?
  12. What influence do gay parents have on the sexual decision of their kids?
  13. The mental effect of arranged marriages on both the parents and children
  14. Why failed marriages are a common recurring event.
  15. Should children be given physical painful punishments when they do the wrong things?
  16. The difference between modern and past methods of parenting
  17. Should family planning be made compulsory?

Sociological Paper Topics on Psychology

  1. Why do people opt for euthanasia
  2. The growing rate of anxiety and depression
  3. Understanding the life of addiction to drugs and alcohol
  4. Why do people shy away from seeking therapy after a trauma
  5. The ideology behind feminism
  6. The realities of PTSD
  7. How families of fallen soldiers battle grief
  8. Do males also go through sex discrimination?
  9. Inside a teenager’s head
  10. Unmasking the face behind the gothic lives of people
  11. How are female sex workers discriminated against?
  12. The role of religion in shaping ideology
  13. How social interaction helps tackle trauma
  14. Are antidepressants helpful
  15. Who are feminine men?

Sociology Paper Topics on Superstition, Art, and Science

  1. Do mermaids live in our midst
  2. The controversy of the incomplete Christian bible
  3. African historical culture; the practice of rituals
  4. What is in Pandora’s box?
  5. The accuracy of the big bang theory

Sociological Topics on Health

  1. Why intermittent fasting?
  2. Is dieting enough to lose weight?
  3. The exercise culture for overweight women
  4. How effective is yoga?
  5. The health benefits of exercises
  6. Why do people find it difficult to exercise
  7. How many people invest in food
  8. What happens in the gym locker rooms
  9. How expensive is it to eat healthily?
  10. How homeless people manage to eat healthily
  11. Are food supplements healthy?
  12. The phobia for hospitals
  13. Why nurses may appear rude
  14. Why do adults fear needles
  15. The importance of drug prescription

Sociology Topics for Research Paper on Class conflict

  1. Who sets the standard?
  2. Family training pattern of the rich and the poor
  3. The effect of class disparities in the society
  4. The effect of class disparities in social gatherings
  5. Do the poor hate the rich?
  6. Revenue distribution between opposite sides of the state
  7. Do the rich hate the poor?
  8. The history of class conflict
  9. The bias in class segregation
  10. Should the disabled get special treatments?
  11. Who belongs in the ghetto?
  12. The theory of equal opportunity for all classes

Final tips on sociology research paper topics

The categories of sociology topics to research range from economy to anthropology. They vary from lifestyle, alcoholism, education, family, as you can see from the list above. Pick the one that suits you and start writing.