Top 100 Sociology Survey Ideas

There are many methods that sociology researchers use in achieving their research goals. One of these methods is the use of surveys. Carrying out research surveys is a common practice among researchers.

Why Conduct a Research Survey

  • It helps narrow the research to cover only a small portion or specific area of a topic. This way, there is a critical analysis of the field you wish to cover.
  • It helps you make many findings within a short time. Surveys often have the characteristics of questionnaires. That is, they maintain the anonyof participants while they give out important information.
  • Sociological survey topics have the same features as general research topics; they are concise, up to date, and aim to address important issuethe Society. Here are some sociology survey ideas that you should consider

Sociology Survey Topics on the Environment and Climate Change

  1. The causes of water wastage in homes, schools, and the workplace environment
  2. How people adapt to heavy snowfall; commuting to work, and going about their daily business.
  3. How traffic affects the movement of people to their places of destination.
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of having your work closer to your home
  5. The waste disposal culture of humans; solid, gaseous, and liquid waste products
  6. The recycling habits of residents in the city
  7. Wildlife conservation centers and their importance
  8. Why do people like to have their skin tanned during summer
  9. Are people less concerned about the future of global warming?
  10. Recreation activities that people love to engage in during winter

Sex and Relationships Survey Topics for Sociology Research

  1. Would people prefer condoms or birth control pills?
  2. The risks involved in having more than one sexual partner; the emotional, physical, and mental effects
  3. Is it important to move into the same house with your partner before or after marriage?
  4. Does receiving promise rings solidify a relationship?
  5. Handling breakups in the best possible ways
  6. Why couples would rather retain their first names after marriage is made official
  7. How many chances should we allow a partner who cheats
  8. The hidden meanings behind pet names that couples call each other
  9. How often live-in couples should go on dates
  10. Why the urge to take breaks from relationships comes up
  11. Whose responsibility is it to restock on condoms?
  12. Dealing with sexual urges when a partner is unavailable
  13. The best way to handle the embarrassing behaviors of your partner; belching loudly after meals.

Sociology Survey Topics on Arts and Culture

  1. The motive behind collecting artworks
  2. Different points of view regarding body modification
  3. The inspiration behind fashion and dressing up
  4. How people communicate messages through art
  5. Home decors of people; why people chose the designs that they settle for
  6. Ways that people let their cultural background affect life decisions
  7. The different beliefs people hold people as regards gardening
  8. Are classical music more entertaining than contemporary music
  9. The different meanings behind tattoos
  10. Should underage children be singing along to rap songs about drugs, girls, and money?
  11. The difference between appreciating the body as a work of art and practicing nudity

Survey Topics for Sociology on Movements and Ideologies

  1. Feminism from the male point of view
  2. How the black race hoist their flags in the diaspora
  3. The legality of secret societies
  4. Are terrorist groups born from harmless movements?
  5. What people think about the idea of gender inequality
  6. Many ways that people discriminate against one another in the society
  7. Ways that parents encourage discrimination among siblings
  8. Accepting friends, neighbors, or family members who confess to being gay
  9. How people view getting into a relationship with transgender people
  10. Accepting the gender choices of friends, neighbors, or family members
  11. How do people differentiate between the ideas of gender equality and feminism?
  12. Many ways that people unknowingly become participants of a movement

Research Survey Ideas on Topics relating to Nationalism

  1. People’s take on permanent migration from their states and countries
  2. Many ways that people do not show patriotism
  3. Many ways that people have been patriotic citizens
  4. How do we encourage youths to be active participants in politics?
  5. Understanding your rights as a citizen of a state
  6. Why people intentionally do not carry out their duties and obligations
  7. The service of the majority to the state
  8. The difference between nationalism and racism
  9. In what areas can the government do better to improve the living standard of people?
  10. The leading reasons why people show little interest in politics

Sociological Survey Ideas on Family and Marriage

  1. Would people rather raise their kids outside marriage, than remain in an abusive marriage?
  2. What is the consensual age for people to get married?
  3. Childbearing; the ideal number of kids people should have
  4. How people handle troublesome distinct relatives
  5. The Thanksgiving culture in American homes
  6. Spending quality family time together; the activities that family members love to participate in
  7. What age bracket is considered the most critical for kids?
  8. How parents handle rebellious teenagers
  9. The best way to allocate chores to individuals in the home
  10. How do parents knowingly or unknowingly encourage discrimination among their kids?
  11. Should adopted children be treated any differently from biological children?
  12. Do children have to become independent once they reach legal age?

Sociology Survey Ideas on Racism, Abuse, and Discrimination

  1. Are all prostitutes or escorts products of rape and child abuse in the earlier stage of their lives?
  2. The different ways that child molestation can be evaded
  3. In what ways have all kinds of bully affected the self-esteem of people?
  4. The safety measures put in place by parents and guardians to avoid child molestation, abuse, and rape
  5. A handful of the world’s population battles anxiety attacks; why is this so?
  6. Would people rather associate with other people who are of the same race than other races?
  7. How often do people encounter racist treatments daily?
  8. Do people living with disabilities equally face discrimination and abuse?
  9. How to handle a partner dealing with PTSD
  10. Are antidepressants effective?
  11. Should the penalty for rape be more severe?

Survey Research Ideas on Media and Internet

  1. How much time and money resources are spent by the average individual on social medial platforms weekly?
  2. Which social media platform is easily the most accessed and utilized for the past year?
  3. How feasible is the idea of totally eradicating the internet?
  4. Is it ideal to believe everything that the media reports?
  5. The next big thing; how the internet serves as one of the easiest money-making means today
  6. Do the disadvantages of using the internet outweigh the advantages?
  7. Censoring the activities on the internet; how parents ensure that their wards are protected from explicit contents on the media.
  8. Many ways that the internet have been come in handy to people who needed it
  9. What is the ideal age for kids to begin having access to the internet
  10. Why is the media team portrayed as hungry predators seeking prey?
  11. What lengths are people willing to go to get the attention of people on the internet?

Survey Topics on Beauty and Cosmetology

  1. Should the male gender normalize wearing makeup as often as the female gender does?
  2. The importance of beauty products to achieving a flawless skin
  3. What defines the flawlessness of your skin?
  4. Can practicing the right diet and taking food supplements replace the effects of using beauty products on the skin?
  5. How much money are people willing to spend on their appearance?
  6. Would people rather leave their homes with or without wearing makeup?.
  7. What roles does one’s appearance play in boosting confidence and self-esteem levels?
  8. Does beauty always have to mean attaching artificial extensions to enhance your natural self?
  9. The progress of cosmetology over the years
  10. Would people prefer weight loss surgery over other weight loss strategies?

Conclusive Notes

Carrying out a research survey is fun and educative. To get the most from your research, you must pick out the best survey topics that interest you. The variety of topics in this article can help you overcome the challenge of settling for a survey topic.

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