What is a Sociology Detailed Guide

Sociology is a very important aspect of human existence. It Is the social science that studies human society and social behavior. Sociology primarily deals with sociology issues that arise in the day-to-day affairs of man. This includes human interaction with one another and other beings, the formation of groups into society, as well as individual human behaviors.

Sociological Concepts Definition

Often, many people like to define the terminology and concept of sociology. The term sociology is originally coined from two words of Latin and Greek origins. The philosopher who coined these words was Auguste Compte. The Latin word; Socius and the Greek word logos formed the term sociology. Socius means society, while logos means to talk about two people. For Auguste Compte, sociology is the science of society and the systematic investigation of human society. This study involves the ever-changing nature of human behavior as well as the events that tend to be repetitive or static over time. To better understand and enjoy sociology, here are some concepts often used and their meanings:

  • Gender Equality
  • Gender equality is the term used to describe equal rights and treatments between the male and female genders. The opposite of this term is gender inequality. In gender inequality, one gender is often favored over the other.

  • Socialization
  • Socialization is the process of mingling and familiarizing with people and activities in a social group or community.

  • Racism
  • Racism is the belief that there is a superior race that should dominate other races. It is a superior-inferior relationship between two or more races.

  • Feminism
  • Feminism means understanding the power of females. It is refusing to accept that the female gender is weaker and should not participate in certain roles and activities. It means giving equal opportunity to women in sports, politics, education, etc.

  • Nationalism
  • Nationalism is the love for one’s country. It means to identify with, defend, respect, and protect one’s country.

Scope of Sociology

Sociology is an extremely broad subject matter that expands beyond the shores of human behavior. It also encompasses; Social changes, Social organization, social order, Social processes, and Social control. This is man organizing, ensuring orderliness, growing, and taking charge of social institutions in the best ways that they deem possible.

Why is Sociology a Science?

Sociology is considered a branch of science because it involves the application of scientific methodologies to reach its conclusion. Like other fields of science, experimentation, survey, documentation, and analysis are often carried out in every sociology report. However, sociology is a social science because it focuses on everything that concerns human behaviors and relationships. Sociology is also a pure science because researches are carried out for knowledge’s sake. Hence it doesn’t matter if the information gathered from research is applied to situations or they are just for documentation purposes. Sociological findings are often gathered through the use of sociological questions and topics.

What is a Sociological Question?

A sociological question is a question that concerns human behavior and society at large. Sociology questions aim to evaluate aspects of human lives that may seem ordinary. In sociology, it is understandable to find different views to approaching different issues. This is why you may find different researchers trying to answer a similar question. Sociological questions are different from regular questions because they touch sociology issues of human lives. It is often the basis for many kinds of sociology research. Examples of sociological questions include;

  1. What are the effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns on the global economy?

  2. Why do many women remain in abusive marriages?

  3. What are the effects of drug abuse on the well-being of man?

  4. How should cybercrime be handled?

  5. Why do youths participate less in politics?

Sociology in Everyday Life Examples

Sociology is seen in every activity that man does daily. From the moment our eyes are opened to see the light of day, there is something that can be studied about a man. Hence, there is a sociology of health, sports, education, lifestyle, family, relationship, racism, abuse, psychology, criminology, etc. You could decide to survey the eating pattern of a man. This is because sociology studies human behavioral patterns and the factors that influence these patterns.

What do Sociologists Examine in their Study of Human Behavior?

Sociological questions, surveys, or researches are not just carried out for mere fun purposes. Every day, sociologists find the need to investigate new or existing human behaviors. The primary things that sociologists examine in their study of human behaviors are;

External Factors that Influence Human Behavior

Human behavior generally is influenced by external forces, sometimes beyond their control. The need to adapt to these external influences often causes man to adjust their behavior. It is because of these factors that man has developed over the years from the stone age to the age of technology. Sociologists will hence investigate the changing patterns of man. For instance, when sociological research is carried out on human reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is pertinent to first look into the COVID-19.

Human Behavioral Patterns

One of the key points that sociologists look out for in human behavior is the pattern of doing things. Certain cycles are constantly repeated in human behavior. We may find other means of carrying out these activities, but they achieve the same goal. One of these patterns is reproduction and the growth cycle of humans.

Fun Facts About Sociology

Now that you have a detailed guide on sociology, here are some interesting fun facts that you must understand about sociology;

  1. Sociology is a science that belongs to the branch of social sciences. It is also a pure form of science.
  2. Sociology is a social science because it touches every aspect of human behavior and social life.
  3. There is no area of human life that sociology doesn’t cover, irrespective of how minute they may appear to be. It is for this reason that fields like demography, psychology, government, can all be classified as branches of sociology.
  4. You can liken sociology to be the mother of human social sciences because of its broad nature.


The fields that sociology covers are broad. Sociological researches can be carried out for all events that concern humans, irrespective of how minute or insignificant they may appear to be. Sociology research remains significant because through different scientific means, there are always new findings concerning man.

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